Monday, November 23, 2009


As I have no one yet following this blog I guess I'm speaking to myself Xd

ATTN: Self

I wish to create a blog that's helpful in reviewing books. I have read many....many books, and conveniently I just started working in a bookstore, which doesn't help my addiction. My favorite genre is Young Adult but I do dip my fingers in Sci/Fantasy and Fiction. I hope to branch out of my comfort zone and review other books from different areas.

I will try not to place spoilers in my reviews but if you have read the book please comment! I love talking about books I have just finished. Feel free to suggest titles to me to R&R I welcome all! I hope anyone reading this enjoys the reviews and discovers new authors and titles.

My goal is to try and write a review every 1-2 weeks. Since it takes me about that time to read a book combined with school and work. Enjoy! And follow me on twitter -

~ Kitty

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  1. you should probably read shadow hills by anastasia hopcus.... especially since she is following your blog. :)