Tuesday, March 16, 2010

8. The Body Finder

The Body Finder – Kimberly Derting

Summary: Violet Ambrose is unlike normal teenagers. She has the ability to see the sensory echoes of murder victims. This ability ranges from hearing bells, to seeing oil slicks or even tasting garlic. An ability she wishes to live without, until high school girls begin disappearing. Violet realizes her ability could be the key to catching a notorious serial killer. However, is it wise to chase a murder when your life could be at stake? Violet ponders this question along with her new found feelings for her best friend Jay. A guy she did not notice was attractive until a transforming summer.

Review: The Body Finder fits into the genre of mystery/thriller, which is unique because it’s not often seen in the young adult section. I believe this book can appeal to both adult and young readers. The mystery of the serial killer and deductive thinking will stimulate the adults, while the younger readers will be attracted to the romance aspect.

I really enjoyed Derting’s approach to the murderer. I was not expecting to read chapters from the killer’s point of view, but I found them delightful. The voice was sickeningly accurate. At least what I have always imaged a killer would be thinking, as Hollywood portrays. I was amazed at how Derting could differentiate between the voice of the killer and Violet. These chapters, I felt, really created the tone of the book and emphasized that creepy/dark atmosphere.

What truly amazed me was Violet’s ability. I have read my share of young adult books and Violet’s paranormal ability is more than simply unique. It was compelling and became increasing interesting as I read. Typically books revolving around death are morbid and dark, but Derting made death beautiful. The idea of hearing silver bells as an echo for someone’s murder is eerie, but enchanting at the same time.

The moment that made this book fantastic for me was the twist. Derting fooled me into a false security much like Violet. Then I was hit over the head with the foreshadowing I should have seen coming. The twist left me spellbound. Since I had believed the initial plot was over with 100 pages still left in the book.

In conclusion, The Body Finder is an amazing book. One I think will appeal to everyone who loves reading. To readers who do not normally read mystery/thrillers, I recommended this book to you especially. It is a fantastic read, and was the perfect book to start with in 2010.

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  1. Is this your favorite??
    I have The Body Finder on my wish list and really would love to read ASAP. The first review I read sucked me in and I know I will enjoy reading.
    Thanks for the great interview.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  2. Awe I can't tell you that answer! But you might be close~~~~~ You should read it, its fantastic! Thanks for the comment.