Sunday, March 28, 2010

9. Angelology

Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

Summary: Evangeline has been a sister of the St. Rose convent since she was young. Verlaine was top of his class and quickly became a world class private investigator. Percival has been stricken down with a disease that threatens his family and entire race. Sister Celentine holds a secret that will bring all these players together. Destiny will lead them on an adventure to seek a knowledge that could change the world. However, is discovering something of this magnitude worth the price of their lives? Can a Sister really reveal the truth about angels?

Review: When I first discovered this book, I did not know what to expect. To be honest I picked it up because of the name. I thought Trussoni would possibly follow a similar pattern, mimicking authors like Dan Brown and Andy McDermott. A formula that mixes reality with fiction to create a suspenseful action adventure. I was surprised to learn this wasn’t the case for Trussoni.

I also did not expect the book to contain angel-like characters, but it was a pleasant surprise. The excerpt suggested the story was about discovery not actualization. Though, I was skeptical about certain facts and places, especially when the characters started quoting Genesis and the Bible.

After some personal research, it became clear that Trussoni was not only drawing from myths for inspiration but reality as well. I enjoy books that I can engage with; it gives the story more live when I have to research certain information. Not only did it make the exists of angels possible, but it enhances my knowledge of the world.

Trussoni keeps the reader on their feet by continually switch the point of view between several characters. A refreshing notion since this enables the reader to see more of the puzzle then the limited view of one character. This also expanded the setting and allowed for a clearer picture of the world Trussoni had created.

In conclusion, this book will surprise you. The unique voices are captivating and the suspense is thrilling. Though I was annoyed with the 200 page flashback placed in the middle of the book, it did not detour from the plot. The end left me feeling inspired to look at the world differently, similar to the Da Vinci Code. I think any book that can alter your perception of reality, even for a moment, is worth reading.

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